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Select Your Materials

Pick the perfect Quartz or piece of Granite for your new countertops!

Selecting your materials can seem intimidating, but it is very easy with our proven process.

First you should decide between granite & quartz.

Then you should select the specific type of granite or quartz you prefer.

Granite and Quartz are both equally durable for countertop use, but there are a few differences. We usually say go with what you “love” the look of. Quartz gives a very consistent simple look. It is similar to wallpaper or carpet as it is the same throughout. Granite slabs are unique to themselves and you will never find two the same. Many times one side of the slab or countertop will look very different from another. The Tier or group the granite color is in, is mainly determined by the consistency.

  • Granite is unique and one of a kind. You will in most cases need to visit a granite supplier (most of ours are in the Minneapolis area) to select your specific piece of granite. We do at times have stock material on hand, but it isn’t always and varies in color.

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Helpful Resources

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Granite & Quartz Price Guide

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